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Red Notice Alerts

Lansbury Worthington's Extradition Team are now able to offer advice, assistance and representation for anyone subject to a “Red Notice Alert” issued by Interpol.

A “Red Notice Alert” is a notice issued by Interpol at the request of any of its 190 Member States. The purpose these notices are to identify the whereabouts of a suspect for extradition or a similar lawful action.

Whilst Interpol plays a vital role in fighting crimes, and Red Notice Alert can be an invaluable tool for this purpose, occasionally they have been requested for reasons that have very little to do with the pursuit of justice and the fight against crime. 

An individual who finds himself or herself subject to a “Red Notice Alert” is at risk of being arrested in any of the 190 Member States. He or she may experience a restriction with freedom to travel and their assets frozen. This individual may feel like a hostage in a country until the “Red Notice Alert” is removed from Interpol’s databse.

We have the expertise and experience with removing Red Notice Alerts. We have challenged and successfully removed Red Notice Alerts on behalf of clients residing in the UK and in other Member States.

If you, or anyone you know, needs specialised advice and assistance in this complex area of law, then our experienced Extradition Team and here to help. You can contact our Extradition Team by Clicking on this Link.