It won't be easy this Christmas

It hasn't been easy for anyone this year but it's been noticeable that problems for some have got worse.

We can't do much but this year we've tried to help a bit by making donations to four charities who deal with issues that we come across on a daily basis:

Steps2Recovery - a dedicated group of volunteers who run a safe house where ex-convicts who want to stay clean can go straight from prison. Testimonials show that support at the right time helps so much to avoid the pitfalls on release from prison and give people a chance to change their lives.

St Mungos and Crisis - we represent enough homeless defendants to know that stability or lack of it, plays a major part in offending. These two charities do such a good job in providing shelter and helping people get back on their feet when things are desperate.

Samaritans - isolation, mental health, despair, Samaritans are always there for anyone who needs someone to talk to (Call them free, on 116 123).