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Motoring Offences

We have a dedicated team dealing with defending privately paying clients facing motoring prosecutions. For more information please contact Ben Lansbury at bl@lansbury-worthington.co.uk.


On conviction most but not all offences carry either a fine and penalty points or a fine and disqualification. In addition you are likely to be ordered to pay a contribution to prosecution costs.

You must disclose any convictions to your insurer so in addition to any penalty imposed by the court you may well have to pay an increased insurance premium. With speed cameras and other technology in evidence on most roads and with insurance companies tailoring their premiums to the individual driver your driving record becomes ever more important.

We have many years of practice in this field and are able to recognise when someone might have:

  • a defence to the charges
  • an argument against the usual fines, points or worse - disqualification from driving.

If you have been charged or summonsed we will be happy to see you and advise you on your prospects of successfully defending the case and the range of possible sentences if convicted. This will help you decide whether you need to be represented by a lawyer at court.

Private Fees and Legal Aid

Most motoring cases are paid for privately. At our first meeting we will discuss the appropriate level of fee earner to deal with your case and the likely cost of the case. If you successfully defend your case you may apply to the court for your costs to be reimbursed.

Legal aid is available where a prison sentence is a real possibility. In other cases it is unlikely to be available but there are some exceptions to this - for example if you suffer from a disability which prevents you from representing yourself effectively. We can tell you if your case may be suitable for legal aid and assist you with your application.

Fees and Charging Rates - Motoring and Crime

 Hourly rateLetters out / Calls


Fixed fee for remand hearing/plea/sentence £500 (£600 incl. VAT)

Fixed fee for up to 1 day trial (hearing only) £900 (£1080 incl. VAT)

Lansbury Worthington has a Legal Aid contract with the Legal Aid Agency

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