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Coroner's Inquests

Lansbury Worthington’s solicitors assist and advise individuals who find themselves involved in a coroner’s inquest or public inquiry. We have experience of representing families of the bereaved as well as individuals who are summoned to give evidence.

The purpose of an inquest is to establish who has died and, if possible, how, when and where a death occurred. This often involves asking for first hand accounts from witnesses who were there at the time of death and professionals who have compiled reports after the event.  It can also involve asking why certain people or organisations did certain acts or failed to act.  The examination by the coroner or judge or jury into the circumstances surrounding the death is understandably traumatic and difficult for all parties.  It is often the final chance to get to the truth.

Lansbury Worthington’s specialist inquest solicitors can draw on their considerable experience of criminal litigation to ask the right questions, demand transparency and assist the coroner or the jury in coming to the correct finding.

To find out more about how Lansbury Worthington’s inquest solicitors can help you in this area, call Dr Susan Twyman or Richard Gowthorpe on 0208 563 9797.