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Training, Trainees & Pupillage

We have an active in-house training programme which members at all levels of the firm are encouraged to attend, and to participate.

We regularly invite speakers for training in specialist areas.

We are an authorised Pupillage Training Organisation. Details of the pupillage application can be found on the OLPAS website at www.pupillages.com

Paragraph 4.2 of our Pupillage Policy provides:

"LWS is committed to ensuring that that the opportunity to undertake pupillage is open to all with merit and ability. We believe that our selection criteria help us to recruit the pupils whom we believe will be able to work with us and at the same time are open and fair.

LWS is looking for candidates with proven intellectual ability and with a character that will fit in and work well within LWS. Additionally, candidates are expected to demonstrate extra-curricular success while at university or beyond.

Consideration will be given to the following criteria (in no particular order):

  1. Intellectual ability;
  2. Although there is no minimum degree classification requirement, applicants not holding a minimum 2:1 degree classification (in any discipline) will only be considered if they can demonstrate exceptional achievements in other areas;
  3. Presentation skills-public speaking, covering letters etc;
  4. Work interests and the ability of LWS to satisfy those interests;
  5. Commitment to the areas of practice to be found in LWS;
  6. Commercial awareness;
  7. Relevant work experience (including mini-pupillage);
  8. Feedback from mini-pupillage undertaken in LWS (where applicable);
  9. Character and suitability to LWS’ working environment (including extra curricular activities, hobbies and outside interests);
  10. Whether the applicant has taken steps towards achieving or has already achieved Police Station Accreditation.
  11. Applications from mature applicants who have a proven record of success in careers outside the Bar are welcomed."