Our team have been successful in resisting the extradition of a 40-year-old man to Poland. The EAW was accusatory in nature and sought surrender for offences concerning the allegations of fraud.

On 24 September, District Judge Ezzat discharged our client, a Polish national from a European Arrest Warrant, immediately after Defence submissions.

In refusing the extradition request, DJ held that extradition would be incompatible with our client’s rights pursuant to the European Convention on Human Rights. He took the following factors into account: a) Age of the offence; b) Seriousness of the offence; c) Delay in the proceedings; d) The life established in the UK; and e) Personal vulnerability.

In court, our client was represented by Myles Grandison of Temple Garden Chambers, who was instructed by Giovanna Fiorentino and Agnieszka Maria Biel of this firm. Our client was additionally supported by Modern Slavery Advocate from Hope for Justice.


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Agnieszka M. Biel, Trainee Solicitor