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Common Driving Offences


Speed limit signs must comply with the law. They must be properly displayed and in some cases be made of reflective material or have lighting.

Speed limit signs must be spaced apart properly. There are rules about the distances.

Speed cameras make mistakes. If you think this has happened, the photographs can be obtained and calculations done.

You can be fined, get penalty points and be disqualified from driving for speeding.

Sentencing penalties

Careless driving;


Driving without due care and attention;

Driving without reasonable consideration for other road users

Did you know that you can face charges even if another driver was the main cause of an accident

In addition to a fine the offence carries between three and nine penalty points. Disqualification is often a real possibility.

You cannot be disqualified in your absence. If you have pleaded guilty to a summons by post a court will ask you to come to court if they are considering disqualification.

Sentencing penalties

Driving with excess alcohol or whilst unfit

Failing to provide a specimen at the police station

Did you know that you can be disqualified from driving without ever having taken a drink if you fail to complete the full procedure at the police station.

Although you are entitled to legal representation, the law says that the procedure at the police station cannot be held up while you take this advice.

You probably know that for driving with excess alcohol the minimum disqualification period is 12 months but did you know that the disqualification period can be reduced by up to one quarter if you agree to attend a course for convicted drink drive offenders.

You can be disqualified for substantially more than the minimum period if there are aggravating features such as poor driving or a reading well above the legal maximum.

You may also face a disqualification of more than the minimum twelve months if the court believe you have deliberately failed to provide a specimen.

Did you know that in some unusual cases there may be special reasons not to disqualify a driver. The circumstances have to be truly exceptional for the court to consider this.

Sentencing penalties

Being in charge of a vehicle with excess alcohol or whilst unfit

Failing to provide a specimen at the roadside

In cases where you were not driving but in charge of a vehicle, disqualification is still a very real likelihood but it is not mandatory and, depending on the circumstances, a court may be persuaded not to disqualify. The same applies where you fail to provide a specimen at the roadside.

Sentencing penalties