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Motorcycle injuries, by their very nature, tend to be serious and have a major impact on the lives and finances of those injured. We understand this, and while we can’t put the clock back to before the accident, we can do everything possible to reduce in particular the financial pressure that many seriously injured people face in the period following an accident.

Provided someone else can be shown to blame, we can usually negotiate an interim payment from the other party’s insurer to ease the immediate problem of lack of money from not being able to work. If an interim payment can’t be negotiated, we can make an application to the court on your behalf.

We have a particular interest in and experience of motorcycle injuries. Charles Worthington is a member of the BMF and still rides a Yamaha FZ600 almost every day. He spent four years as a full time motorcycle courier in London, and is only too well aware of the physical and financial problems faced by others following sometimes quite serious injuries. He has acted for a large number of other motorcyclists, including couriers, over the years and helped them obtain compensation.