Our People

Martin Tracy

Criminal Law Consultant

Martin Tracy has been preparing and advising in serious and organised criminal cases for over 28 years. He has his own established client base and is the Director of MWT Consulting Ltd. Martin is also a Consultant with Lansbury Worthington Solicitors, supervising VHCC (Very High Costs Cases) and serious organised crime cases on their behalf.

He has a close working relationship with Charles Worthington, and enjoys a close relationship with two of London’s most notable and internationally recognised chambers.

In particular, Martin has represented clients in respect of serious sexual offences, blackmail, kidnap, murder, armed robbery, serious frauds (Serious Fraud Office prosecuted VAT cases and CIS (Construction Industry Tax Scheme Frauds), carousel frauds and more recently, organised and international crime, including major drugs and gems importations, as well as international money laundering and confiscation. These types of offences trigger POCA 2003 legislation and accordingly, this is an area of Martin’s practice that has also developed significantly.

Martin has successfully defended football violence related matters and has acted on behalf of the Medical Defence Union in respect of unlawful activity by one of its members.

In 2008 Martin represented a solicitor in a highly publicised case in the North of the UK where it was alleged that £1million was stolen from a disabled client. Martin had conduct of the matter throughout. The matter had extensive publicity due to the serious and complex nature of the case and public interest given the level of 'breach of trust'. The case was referred to as 'one of the most serious cases of its type'.

Martin also represented the "Powder Bombers" who entered the Houses of Parliament and assaulted members of the then Government and Tony Blair in particular, by throwing what law enforcement agencies thought was Ricin, but in fact turned out to be a harmless substance. This case attracted extensive publicity internationally and was treated as a terrorist attack on the government. It transpired that this was a publicity stunt on behalf of ‘Fathers for Justice.’

Another noted case, well known to the legal profession, is the case of Brown and Others. A case that went to the European Court on the issue as to whether a person can consent to a serious assault upon oneself.

Finally, Martin's practice >MWT Consulting now includes representing celebrity clients and has a reputation for discreet and bespoke representation in such cases.