Road Traffic Update

Ziba Akarcay secures a successful result for a client during a ‘special reasons’ argument, and avoids the client suffering either disqualification or even points on his licence after he admits to three separate driving offences.

Mr O appeared before Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court in February charged with five separate driving offences including driving without insurance, driving without a licence and three offences relating to the state of his vehicle. All of these offences carry penalty points, and with the client already having six points on his licence from a previous driving incident a disqualification in one form or another was almost certain. A disqualification from driving would have been disastrous for Mr O whose job and career depended on him being able to drive.

However, by instructing Lansbury Worthington at an early stage in the proceedings we were able to put a case together that showed ‘special reasons’ why the court should not disqualify. Mr O was represented by Ziba Akarcay who first of all successfully argued that two of the offences (those of driving without insurance and driving without a licence) were not made out and should be dropped. She then went before the court and forcefully argued that the ‘special reasons’ apparent in Mr O’s case meant that he should not be disqualified from driving. Not only were the court convinced by Ziba’s argument not to disqualify, but didn’t even impose any points!

The client left court with a £150 fine plus costs, but more importantly with his driving licence fully intact!