Client Acquitted of Rape & Sexual Assault

A client of Lansbury Worthington has been found unanimously not guilty of a serious allegation of rape and sexual assault by a jury before Isleworth Crown Court.

The client, who was represented by Ben Holden and Nick Wells from 1 Grays Inn Square, was accused of raping and sexually assaulting a young woman he was carrying as a passenger in his taxi. The prosecution alleged that the incident had taken place late at night in a deserted car park and that the complainant, who had been drinking, had not consented to any sexual contact. The prosecution relied in evidence on the account of the complainant, CCTV recorded at the time of the incident and forensic evidence taken from the scene.

This was a difficult case because the nature of the allegation meant that it had to be sensitively handled while ensuring that the prosecution evidence, including the account of the complainant, was rigorously examined. The trial, which lasted for more than a week, was heard before Isleworth Crown Court. Having heard all the evidence and after a short deliberation the jury returned their unanimous verdict of not guilty on all counts.