Acquitted by Jury at Harrow Crown Court

This was a difficult case where our client, a Latvian female, was accused of committing a burglary in which jewellery and personal belongings were taken from the property of a family who employed her as a child minder. The allegation, had it been proven, involved a significant breach of trust and would have resulted in an immediate custodial sentence.

Fortunately, the client was represented by Caitriona McLaughlin who thoroughly prepared the client’s case and realised that there were serious issues with the credibility of the family making the complaint. The client was a vulnerable person who appeared to have been exploited by the family she was working for, and who had taken advantage of her limited ability to speak English and her lack of connections in the UK.

At trial the client was represented by experienced Counsel, and after hearing the evidence in the case the jury at Harrow Crown Court agreed that there was insufficient evidence to show that the client had a dishonest intent and found her not guilty of the charges.