Charges Dropped in Firearms Prosecution

A client of Lansbury Worthington has appeared before Isleworth Crown Court for a Plea & Case Management Hearing in a serious matter concerning threats to kill and firearms offences.

However, Naomi Alcendor, the client’s higher court advocate, had already reviewed his case prior to attending court and immediately spoke to the prosecuting barrister on her arrival. She made strong submissions on behalf of the client citing the evidential weakness of the case. In addition, Naomi threatened an abuse of process argument when the prosecutor tried to suggest an alternative charge under the Firearms Act.

The prosecutor took Naomi’s argument on board and then spoke to the police officer in charge of the investigation. By the time the case had been called into court later that morning the prosecution had agreed to drop all charges against the client. The Plea & Case Management Hearing was swiftly dealt with to formally discontinue the case and order the immediate release of the client.