A Snapshot of Our Private Client Successes in January

Our Private Client and Criminal Records Team have secured a number of notable successes in January. Below is a sample of those results which shows the various ways in which Lansbury Worthington can help to protect you when faced with criminal proceedings:

JM – This client was prosecuted by Hammersmith & Fulham Council for alleged misuse of a blue badge and was summoned to appear before Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court. Had the client been convicted by the court he would have faced a serious risk to his business that depended on a clean criminal history.

Ben Holden was able to successfully prepare representations on behalf of the client that resulted in the prosecution being withdrawn and a conviction avoided in favour of an out of court disposal.

SC – Following a conviction for possession of indecent images, this client was written to by the Disclosure & Barring Service who were considering placing his name of the Adult & Child Barred List. These are lists of named individuals who are  deemed a risk to children and vulnerable adults and are thereby prevented from working in certain regulated activities that involve contact with children or vulnerable adults.

The client instructed Ben Holden to prepare representations on his behalf against the inclusion of his name on either or the barred lists. Ben’s representations were successful and the client was written to by the Disclosure & Barring Service to formally confirm that, despite his conviction, his name would not be included on either list.

AW – Ben Holden successfully argued for a summons against this client for fare evasion to be withdrawn in favour of an out of court settlement. Had the client gone to court he would have likely been convicted and this would have seriously damaged his reputation and career prospects. However, following Ben’s intervention the prosecuting authority agreed to withdraw the summons ensuring the client maintained his clean record.