COVID-19 and Settlement Agreements

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are still operating as usual and offering advice and assistance for employment issues. We are in a time where across the board businesses are in uncertainty, it is important to consider your position as an employer and/or an employee.

The government is offering the Job Retention Scheme ‘furlough’ paying 80% of employee’s salaries until end of July 2020. This is to prevent businesses winding down or making huge redundancies or laying-off staff. It is projected that the scheme will continue until end of October, where the government will reduce the pay to 50%. This means your employer will be left to decide if they will pay you for the remaining 50% or not.

If you are in a situation where you have been furloughed by your employer but need some advice, as to any possible future decisions, we are here to assist you, as best as we can. We are still advising on the terms and effects of settlement agreement, but these are carried out remotely.

We are also assisting businesses with their queries or concerns they may have in relation to their business and management of staff. It is predicted that in the coming months businesses are likely to be facing multiple issues relating to unfair dismissals, furlough disagreements, unproductive working environments, due to health and safety issues. It is important to act fast to avoid loss of business and increase in legal disputes with staff.

Please feel free to contact Mr Charles Worthington or Ms Ziba Akarcay who will be happy to talk to you.