March Results

March was another successful month for clients of Lansbury Worthington. Below are a couple of examples of some excellent results secured by members of our experienced crime team.

R v H

William Paynter has represented a client of Lansbury Worthington who, after being jailed for life for killing his aunt 1978, escaped from custody and spent 16 years living on the other side of the world. After the client’s extradition back to the UK, Mr Paynter managed to secure a sentence of just 16 months when he appeared before Bristol Crown Court in March 2015:

News Report - Plymouth Herald

R v C

This case involved an allegation that Mr C, along with two other males, had assaulted their landlord following an argument by punching and kicking him causing serious cuts, bruising and swelling to his head and face.  They were arrested at the scene and for ABH and bailed to appear before Ealing Magistrates’ Court.

Mr C and the two other males disputed the allegation and stated that they were only acting in self-defence. The case went to trail and Mr C was represented for the two day trial by Adrian Lee. After hearing the evidence in the case, including a hour cross examination of the landlord, the court accepted that Mr C had indeed acted in self-defence and found him not guilty of the charge.