Hotel Boss Spared Jail for Breach of Fire Safety Regulations

Lansbury Worthington's Crown Court Team have helped avoid an immediate custodial sentence for a hotel boss who has admitted breaching fire safety regulations. The case was made all the more difficult in light of the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in West London which only helped to highlight the dreadful consequences of breaching these vitally important regulations.

Mr Hussain was a co-owner of the New Globe Hotel in East London. The premises was visited by fire inspectors from the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) shortly after it opened in January 2015. The hotel was found to have a number of fire safety breaches. Mr Hussain was served with an Enforcement Notice and although a number of the breaches were satisfactorily remedied, several that were sub-contracted out were not. These breaches later formed part of the indictment against Mr Hussain.

The case against Mr Hussain was heard before Southwark Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to four of the counts on the indictment. In sentencing HHJ Goymer commented on the potentially serious consequences, and risk to life, of breaching the regulations and cited them as falling into a sentencing range with an upper limit of 2 years immediate custody. However, after hearing representations from William Paynter, the barrister acting for Mr Hussain, and in light of Mr Hussain's personal mitigation, the judge was persuaded to step back from an immediate custodial sentence. The sentence that was passed was 6 months custody suspended for 12 months with an unpaid work requirement of 200 hours. In the circumstances this was a very lenient sentence that allowed Mr Hussain to walk out of court rather than be sent to prison, but this case also helps to highlight the severity such breaches will be treated by the courts.

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