Two Not Guilty Verdicts to Welcome in the New Year

December at Lansbury Worthington is always a busy time, but we nevertheless achieved some notable successes in difficult cases to welcome in Christmas and New Year.

R v SV

Becky Gay has successfully ensured the acquittal of a client charged with a number of complicated and serious offences.

The trial, which was heard before Isleworth Crown Court and involved four co-defendants, lasted in excess of three weeks and included offences of conspiracy to rob, blackmail and aggravated burglary. It was alleged that serious violence was used against young children which included the use of weapons. The evidence against the client included complicated telephone data. However, after carefully and methodically analysing the evidence, and preparing the defence case which included contacting defence alibi witnesses in India, Becky was able to put together a defence that cast serious doubt over the prosecution case.

After hearing all the evidence in the case the jury unanimously found the client not guilty.

R v F

Nick Leamy has secured the acquittal of this client before Croydon Magistrates' Court where he was on trial for an allegation of domestic violence.

It was alleged by the prosecution during the trial that the client has assaulted his ex-girlfriend by grabbing her arms and pushing her in a threatening manner. The case was complicated further by the fact the client and his ex-partner has a young child together, and a conviction in these circumstances would have resulted in client losing contact with his child. However, fortunately for the client, during the course of the trial Nick was able to show that serious doubt existed in respect of the ex-girlfriend's account, and this doubt resulted in the client being found not guilty of the offence.