Not Guilty at Bromley Magistrates' Court

Nick Leamy, representing this client before Bromley Magistrates’ Court, has secured a not guilty verdict ensuring the client could leave the court without a stain on his record. The client had been arrested and later charged with the offence of assault.

However, our client protested his innocence right from the beginning claiming that he had acted reasonably and proportionately when faced with the threat of immediate and unlawful physical violence. After hearing the evidence in the case and representations from Nick the magistrates accepted our client’s account and formally acquitted him of the allegation.

If you ever face criminal charges it is always important to ensure you instruct the right firm of solicitors to fight your defence. This client, who funded his case on a private basis (without legal aid) made the right decision instructing Lansbury Worthington at an early stage in the proceedings. This ensured his case could be properly prepared and a skilled and experienced advocated properly briefed to represent him at trial. Not only did the court grant our client a Defence Costs Order that will allow him to recover a proportion of his defence costs, but more importantly he has been found not guilty of all criminal charges and has ensured that his criminal record remains clear of any damaging references.