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Funding Your Claim

The law has made significant changes and continues to do so in dealing with the cost of bringing a Personal Injury claim, both pre and post court proceedings. It is lengthy and complicated to cover everything here but in summary the only fees you are required to pay is the insurance premium (the amount varies depending on the type of accident and the stage it will settle at) and up to 25% of our legal fees. These will be due only if your claim is successful. The insurance premium may not be payable if you have relevant legal expenses insurance.  

All personal injury claims with a value of up to £25,000 are submitted via the MOJ Web Portal. This means that the fees which solicitors and barristers receive for dealing with all these claims are capped at a fixed fee. For this purpose the courts have asked solicitors to take up to 25% of their fees from their clients’ damages.

Disbursements are still recoverable from the losing party subject to some changes. For example solicitors are no longer guaranteed that they will recover the fees incurred by the barrister, who may have done some work on a client’s case. This means solicitors will need to think carefully before instructing barristers.

We also endeavour to assess the likely value of your claim from a very early stage, although this is not always possible or accurate without having conclusive medical evidence.

We do not have a civil legal aid contract or work with any Trade Unions. The only alternative funding is the traditional private client retainer. We are always happy to discuss this and provide a high standard of service at unchallengeable rates.     

Please email Ziba and James at info@lansbury-worthington.co.uk or submit an online enquiry.