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Immigration Law

If you are looking to visit the UK as a tourist, wish to work here or settle with your family, the first most important decision you need to make is to decide who will help you get through the necessary stages and gather all the vital information to present your application in the best way possible. At Lansbury Worthington we take on all new applications with one aim; to have our applications granted while giving our clients a stress free and quality service.

We believe in equal and fair representation for all of our clients, from entry clearance matters to naturalisation.  We understand the importance of seeking reliable assistance in immigration matters which is why at Lansbury Worthington, we have dedicated multi-lingual immigration solicitors who take every effort to listen to client's needs in order to provide and communicate expert advice. 

Anyone who is making visa applications can refer to the wealth of general information on the internet. Therefore, when submitting an application it is easy to assume that it is strong enough to satisfy the UKVI.  However, this assumption is all too often the biggest mistake, as UK immigration law is extremely complicated and constantly changing.

The problem is that each application is unique and it only takes the smallest detail to be missed to result in a refusal.  We establish your unique circumstances and if we believe your case has enough merit to succeed we will assign you a dedicated, specialist solicitor in the particular area of immigration law relating to your case.

Immigration Team

  Principle Immigration Solicitor:  Arpita Patel

  LLB (Hons)

  Contact:  020 8563 9797 or  ap@lansbury-worthington.co.uk


Arpita Patel is an immigration specialist and principle immigration solicitor at Lansbury Worthington. She is a Law Graduate LLB (hons) and Senior Solicitor with over 10 years of immigration experience. 

She  advises businesses and individuals on all matters from sponsor licences, the Points Based System, family members of British citizens, indefinite leave to remain, visa, British citizenship to European Free Movement rights and more. 

Arpita works as a consultant for Lansbury Worthington and through her years of working with clients from across the world, and being fluent in Hindi and Gujarati, she brings a strong cultural awareness to the handling of her cases. 

  Solicitor & Team Leader:     Ziba Akarcay

  LLB (Hons)

  Contact:  020 8563 9797  or  za@lansbury-worthington.co.uk


Ziba Akarcay qualified as a solicitor in 2009 and leads the civil law team. She has considerable immigration law experience and in particular specialises in the Turkish Association Agreement (Ankara Agreement). Ziba is a fluent Turkish speaker.

Our Fees

We follow a very transparent and reasonable fees structure. We also offer flexible payment terms for all our professional fees exceeding £1000.00. In most cases we will agree the fee in advance (please see the table below); and where we act on a different basis we will make this clear to you so you are fully aware the manner the fees will be charged and the likely total cost. Where a fee is agreed in advance and work has started on your case the firm does not normally refund any fees even if the instructions are withdrawn, except at our sole discretion.  

Our fee for a 45 minutes consultation session with a client care letter thereafter is £200.00.  

An initial fee of £500.00 is payable upon opening a matter.  The complete agreed fees are payable before any application can be submitted as this payment is based on our work and not dependent on the decision of the Home Office.  All the fees stated below are fees payable to Lansbury Worthington Solicitors for our professional service. Fees payable to Home Office or any other authorities in connection with the clients instructions do not form part of our professional fees and they are considered as reimbursement and would be payable separately by the client.       


Lansbury Worthington Standard Immigration Fees



Consultation by appointment – 45 minutes




From Visitor to Family visa applications



Skilled Worker Visas

Points Based System applications




Visa Extension applications



Indefinite Leave to Remain

ILR applications




British citizenship applications




Overstayers and Long Residence




- All these fees are exclusive of any fees payable to the Home Office or any other authorities in your matter. Home office fees are listed at the following link:

 Home Office immigration and nationality fees: 1 July 2021 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

There is no VAT on Home Office Fees

- Fees for services not listed above may be obtained from the firm. 

- All our above mentioned fees are inclusive of VAT @ 20%. 

Recorded delivery fees to the Home Office will be added plus postage fees for large bundles all at Royal Mail rates.

On receipt of payment in full, and receipt of all necessary supporting evidence, we aim to submit applications within 5 working days.

Depending on the type of application, the Home Office normally take between 3 weeks and 6 months to process an application, though they have currently a backlog due to Covid and other factors and some applications could take significantly longer.  

- Complicated matters will have an increased fee based on the complexity.  We shall advise you if this applies in your matter before we proceed with your case.



Brexit – EU Nationals

All EU nationals who have been in the UK for at least 12 months and wish to apply for British Citizenship will need to apply for a permanent residence card first. This change was introduced by the British Nationality (General) (Amendment No. 3) Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/1806) and came into force on 12 November 2015.

All applications for naturalisation will be refused for EU nationals who require the permanent residency card first. Under these circumstances any fees paid will not be refunded. We have applied for many permanent residence cards and all have been successful.

We currently don’t have solid information, as to where Brexit will leave the EU nationals regardless of any promises being made politically. We take the view that you have nothing to lose by making a Permanent Residence Application and subsequently the Naturalisation Application to become a British Citizen to protect your interest in the UK.

Brexit – Businesses

In June 2016 the UK held a referendum whether to leave or stay in the European Union.   Although the result is not what most had expected, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.

With the outcome of the referendum followed many uncertainties for UK based businesses and this will continue until any final decisions are made in regards to agreements the UK will make with Europe. The summer saw quiet reflection on the vote and its effect. With such political decisions businesses are bound to be affected.

The business sectors and areas which are likely to have implications are construction, data protection, employment issues, European Insolvency Regulation, Intellectual Property, General Litigation, mergers & acquisitions and many others. If you have any concerns regarding your business and the future of Brexit please contact us to discuss further. We will continue to update you as further developments occur.


All our immigration work is privately funded. We offer competitive fees for quality work and high standard of customer service. Please consult us directly for our fees and payment arrangements.

Immigration - We Can Help

You can come to the UK for the following reasons:

  • as a visitor, to visit family or friends or as a tourist;
  • to work or to start a business;
  • as a student;
  • to settle here with family.

We recommend you seek immigration advice if you:

  • want to sponsor somebody to come to the UK, either as a visitor or for work;
  • bring a family member here to visit or live with you;
  • understand what options you have for staying in the UK.  

We always ask our clients to remember that taking the wrong course of action can mean;

  • wasting your time and money on failed applications;
  • having your application returned as invalid;
  • having your application refused;
  • being prevented from entering the UK;
  • being removed from the United Kingdom;
  • being banned from re-entering the UK.

Types of Visa & Applications

  • Tourist visa 
  • Business visa
  • Student visa
  • Permanent Residence
  • Marriage/spouse visa
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Naturalization
  • EACC [Ankara Agreement]

To get more information or to book an appointment please call Mrs Ziba Akarcay on 020 8563 9797 or email za@lansbury-worthington.co.uk